Golden wedding anniversary gift ideas


Half a century together! That’s a reason to celebrate the golden anniversary in style. Celebrate this special date and show your love for the couple with some of our 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas listed here. If you are buying for your beloved, decide which of these gifts has meaning to you both.
The traditional gift for those celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary is gold. Gold is not just beautiful and valuable, it symbolises strength.
Say it with flowers
You can buy a bouquet of the same flowers the bride had at her wedding or make these into a floral arrangement. Alternatively you may like to buy them a rose bush for their garden. Arrange a time when you can dig the ground in preparation for planting so you’re not making extra work for them and gives you a chance to catch up as well. The yellow ‘Golden Celebration’ rose would be quite appropriate, but there are lots of plants with ‘gold’ or ‘golden’ in their names if you want to buy their favourite flower instead.
Gift Suggestions for a 50th Anniversary
Having been married for fifty years, it is likely that the couple have all the jewellery and home décor items that they want. Whilst there are many gifts with a personal touch they will enjoy, this is an anniversary where it’s experiences rather than things (or ‘stuff’!) that create the best memories, particularly if it involves the getting together of family and friends old and new.
Purchase tickets, wrapped with gold ribbon, for a movie, sports event, concert or theatre that they would both enjoy. Organise the transport and add a little extra for programmes and drinks. If they are fans of a particular artist, sports-person or musician, contact their public relations team and ask for a greeting to be sent to the couple or arrange for them to meet. Offering a donation to a charity of their choice may oil the wheels of the transaction.
A gold photo frame in their style – classic, baroque or vintage – is the perfect gift for them to later fill with their favourite photo of their golden anniversary.
Go, fly away!
With such a momentous occasion, mark the date with a special vacation. A romantic gesture is to book them a trip to where they went for their honeymoon. Maybe you would like to plan a trip for them to a place they have talked about, but never yet got to. If this is an expensive trip, club together with friends and family to make it happen. By showing them you have listened and remembered is a very loving gesture. If a vacation is not possible, a day out to a place that is special to them both can be arranged, or perhaps you know a reputable restaurant called “Golden Sands” where you can book them a meal.
Put it in words or song
The most appreciated gifts are those where some thought and effort has been made. If the couple enjoy music, a CD with songs from the era of the marriage date may have them up and dancing. Or buy them a box set of music from their favourite singer or band.
Create a poem to celebrate their fiftieth anniversary, write it in gold ink, and display it in a gold coloured frame. This is a great gift from children who can write a poem using each of the letters of “Golden” to start a new line in their six line verse. Or copy a reading from their actual wedding and frame this.
Being married for 5 decades, your couple have a long history and many memories. This is a good time for friends and family to contribute their own memories of the couple. Some may recollect happy times the couple have not remembered for a while. It’s a chance for those who contribute to say thank you to them both, and an opportunity for the couple to look back and be proud of the life they have together. Put these memories into a photo-book or scrapbook for a gift that will last long after the anniversary celebrations.
If the couple want to have a celebrate with a meal, decorate the tables with a gold centrepiece on a gold coloured tablecloth with chunky candles. Another idea is to dress the tables with flowers the same as the bride had in her bridal bouquet. If you have an original wedding invitation, amend this in photo-shop to keep the design, but change the dates and times to suit for their 50th anniversary meal. You can also use the same style in the place settings on the table. They will love it.